December 22, 2017


Our Customer’s feedback
1. Saving money and getting more than I had before.
2. Financials (Accurate & Timely).
3. Finally confident that my numbers are right and can make decisions.
4. Very professional – I finally hired an expert.
5. It’s all documented – procedures guide in place to run my accounting.
6. I like its private no one local knows my business.
7. I like having a real personal – I like having a dedicated bookkeeper and controller.
8. It has helped improve my whole business!!

Top Reasons Owners Contact us
1. Looking to reduce overhead & staff costs.
2. Gain access to better talent;
3. Unable to get reliable financial information from staff.
4. Want privacy for the business.
5. The company has reached the NEXT level.
6. Internal fraud Issues
7. Multiple partners different locations (3rd party expert to perform accounting)
8. Unable to get job costing/departmental tracking
9. Improve processes and productivity;
10. Reduce risks associated with ineffective in house processes; and

Our Company:
1. We are one of the highly recognized accounting & bookkeeping firm in the Cambodia.
2. We have been doing clients books since 2008.
3. We promote local people to work for local business
4. We are process, task & manual driven.
5. We are Service business which starts with the BEST qualified employees.
6. We are your business and personal partners, “your success is our success”.

Our Staff:
1. Dedicated CPA/Controller.
2. High responsibility and commitment
3. Dedicated bookkeeper.
4. All are QuickBooks and Peachtree Advisors.
5. All have passed our Bookkeeping and accounting tests.
6. Communicate with them by email, IM or phone.