October 22, 2018

Simplifies POS


Our POS is the first to be certified by recognized accounting firm and simplified to fit your business in term of Accounting, Sales & receivable, purchase & payable, stock, cash & bank, and variety of reports for daily management and so on. Our software is optimized to cover the variety of business types including import& export, services to F&B, especially retail store. Our simplified POS system has capacity to comply with your business no matter how challenges it could be.


A POS System that simplifies your business

  • Conformity with the needs of Cambodia tax department
  • Smart and easy to use with mobile devices
  • Automated landed cost calculation
  • Standard average costing per unit certified by accounting firm
  • Easy to set different prices using different promotional campaigns
  • Simplified Accounting system for owners
  • Products Management with multi warehouses and locations
  • Multiple Languages & currencies
  • Multi UoM and unit conversion
  • Flexible size and dimension management
  • Easy Record of transactions with supplier and customers
  • Check your balance by specific date or period of time
  • Over 30 standard report templates for tracking your business timely
  • Local Technical support