December 22, 2017



At BSE, our goal is to help our clients from small to large scale to improve corporate governance, business management and financial information, while honoring our obligation to the public, all within the framework of the standards of our profession. As one of the growth-oriented regional consulting and advisory firm, we value our clients, our people, innovation, leadership, teamwork, doing what is right and success.

We are always aimed at upgrading our ability to provide comprehensive flexible advisory services, customized to your specific business requirements. BSE serves a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, hotel & restaurants, import & export, retail store…and so on and offers a full range of services, including business management, advisory, tax planning and outsource bookkeeping using the most advance financial technology (fintech) as the integral part.

To further accomplish our goal as a provider of exceptional services, we are committed to fulfilling our responsibility by lending our individual talents and organizational involvement to professional and social activities that make a positive impact on the communities of which we are a part. BSE Accounting will continue to remain committed to the principles of modelling, alignment and passion “MAP”.

Give us a chance today, you should see how our professionals can offer you the best solutions you need for success.