December 22, 2017


The modern technology has rapidly improved the way bookkeepers do their jobs. The growing economy countries with higher GDP per Capita has outsourced some of their jobs to their offshore partners including bookkeeping services.

At BSE, your accounting data is reviewed by our controller, financial reports are presented and explained, and your books are closed for the period. At year end, your records are up-to-date and ready for use in preparation of income tax returns and compiled, reviewed, or audited financial statements.

BSE Accounting are currently partnered with Xero and Quickbooks to offers three different platforms for bookkeeping partners to choose the best suitable one:


Partners are required to scan or instruct clients to scan documents into agreed predetermined structure using Dropbox or google drive


Partners are required to scan or instruct clients to scan documents into Cloud Accounting system itself like Xero.


Partners are offered to request for our team to set up the process and procedures to work together smoothly with agreed sharing cost.


Increasing profit: Outsourcing can generate cost savings through lower labor costs in outsourcing countries resulting the increase in profit ultimately. The average salary of bookkeepers in Cambodia is 4 to 5 times lower than in Thailand and even more than 5 times lower than in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.  Partners spend only when they have outsourcing projects without worrying the fixed salary of your bookkeepers during off peak season.

Timely and accurately: we have dedicated and committed bookkeeper team to each offshore partner.

Consistent and compliance with IFRS:  our team are divided into three levels. Assistants level are involved with record keeping while senior are doing the reconciliation and closing the accounts. Managers are the final review to make sure it is complied with accounting standards before sending those reports to partners.

Staff turnover: High turnover of staff are always the challenges of the accounting firm in the global market which slow down the growth of the firm. At BSE, we assure the lowest staff turnover with less than 5% for the last three years.